Mortgage Loan Originator


Neal Dealer Services Inc.

NMLS  ID# 1040743 Jason Neal

I am an independent Mortgage Loan Originator licensed in the State of Maine. I specialize in owner or seller financed property transactions.

The SAFE ACT and the new Dodd-Frank rules and regulations have changed the scope and nature of mortgages. These new laws require a Mortgage Loan Originator to handle most mortgages now for the transaction to be compliant. Seller/owner mortgages are not exempt from these new regulations.

As an independent Mortgage Loan Originator I am able to represent you the seller and insure that your loan is fully compliant with the new laws.

(MLO) Mortgage Loan Originator



Neal Dealer Services works for you.  We will help you on owner financed mortgages on your terms and exceeding your needs.  We are compliant with S.A.F.E. Act and Dodd-Frank Act.

Featured Services

  • S.A.F.E. Act Compliance
  • Dodd-Frank Act Compliance 
  • Good Faith Estimate
  • Compliance systems and reporting
  • 18 Years in Finance
  • Risk assessment
  • Pulling Credit reports
  • HUD's Settlement book
  • Surety bonded
  • Around the Clock care

Making sure your loans are compliant with State and Federal Laws.